The nature of this unique 24/7 club is to keep things streamlined, simplified, and affordable. This places a greater responsibility on the part of each member’s conduct to take greater responsibility for their own welfare, the welfare of their guests, and the club itself. This is the kind of member we are looking for—members who share our vision and are excited to be a part in the development of a unique kind of health club.

Check-in Upon Each Visit Using One (not both) of the Following Methods:

  • During Business Hours use key fob at front desk
  • After or before Business Hours activate front door with key fob

Note: When accessing the club after hours with another member, you must each activate the door and enter separately.

Equipment Use:

  • Put away all free-weights after use
  • Always place weights gently on floor
  • Use equipment only as intended
  • Read warning and instructional labels
  • Adhere to cardio machine sign-up rules

Gym Etiquette:

  • Keep language and behavior appropriate for every member
  • “Work-in” and share equipment (be alert to people who may be waiting)
  • Members may not linger in the club beyond their exercise routine
  • Exercise routines should be of a reasonable and customary length of time
  • Apply the golden rule

What to Wear:

  • Gym shoes (no sandals or boots). Be sure they’re clean (no tar, mud, sand, etc.)
  • Athletic style shorts or warm-ups/slacks/yoga pants
  • T-shirt or tank top (nothing cut off, cut up, or too revealing)
  • Be aware that belts tear upholstery
  • Be clean, be modest, be considerate of others, the facilities and equipment

Locker Use and Showers:

  • Lockers are for use only while you are at the club (no overnight storage)
  • Be sure to lock your belongings—the club is not responsible for lost or stolen items
  • Keep Shower Use Brief (others may be waiting)
  • Pick up and dispose of your things (leave it the way you would like to find it)

Things to Keep Out of Workout Areas:

  • Solicitation of any kind (both materials and sales-pitches)
  • Food or drink (water in a sealable container is fine —no gallon jugs please)
  • Gym bag or back pack (keep personal belongings in a locker)
  • Pets of any kind
  • Children under the age of 13
  • Alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, chewing tobacco
  • Bicycles may not be stored in the club


  • Carry a towel and wipe down your perspiration from equipment
  • Assure that you, your clothes, and your shoes are clean

Personal Training:

  • Personal training in a professional capacity (i.e., payment for services) is restricted to only those trainers who are recognized and authorized by the club


  • Is for the enjoyment of all, which limits the variety and volume
  • We recommend a personal listening device if it’s not to your liking

Cell Phones:

  • Turn off your ringer
  • No talking (please take cell phone conversations outside whenever possible)

Photos or Videos:

  • Members and Guests may not take photos or videos with any device


  • Guest visits are available only during Business Hours
  • Members are responsible for the behavior of their guests
  • Guests must check in at front desk and show picture identification
  • Be sure that your guests adhere to all facility rules and club etiquette
  • Guests under the age of 18 must be under parental supervision at all times
  • Members may not leave their guest in the club unaccompanied
  • Guest use is at the discretion of management