Go Green

Good for you. Good for the Environment.

Growing up in Santa Barbara, CA I witnessed first-hand the effects of the nation's worst oil spill (up to that point). The country's environmental movement was initiated largely in response to that disastrous event. We were given a wake-up call and it all started right here in my home town. That certainly shaped my awareness of the need for good stewardship of the environment.

As a consequence of that experience and perspective, you could say that social responsibility as a value is woven into AC4's DNA. While it costs more to operate a company this way, we believe that green business tactics are a matter of good stewardship and that as advocates of a healthy lifestyle we should take the same care with the environment as we do with our own bodies—Tony Calhoun, Owner

<h1>Green Business Certification</h1>

Green Business Certification

AC4 Fitness is now “Green Certified” through the County of Santa Barbara Green Business Network. During your next visit, you may take notice of the "six" certificates of recognition mounted near the front desk. We endeavor to showcase technologies, materials, and business practices that we hope advance the concept of good stewardship in business. To that end, we want AC4 Fitness to be the best example we can be. And as a member you can take pride in participating in that journey!

SHAPE Magazine

AC4 Fitness is very proud to have been recognized by Shape Magazine as the Eco-Friendliest Gym in America--and also one of America’s 20 coolest clubs. Founded in 1981, Shape Magazine is a monthly fitness publication and is considered the number one women's fitness magazine in the nation.
<h1>SHAPE Magazine</h1>


SportsArt is a patent pending technology that converts human energy into a usable form of renewable energy. Use a SportsArt Elliptical and the kinetic energy produced is captured and converted into electricity for the building. The average 30 minute workout can produce 50 to 100 Wh of electricity. By placing people in the renewable energy production chain, we hope to foster new ideas and methods of sustainable energy production and conversion.


ECO-Water provides bottled quality drinking water, but without the plastic. Just bring your own bottle (or we’ll provide one for you). Over 1.5 million tons of discarded plastic bottles are dumped into our landfills every year. This is our way of providing members with an opportunity to help in the fight against landfill waste. ECO-Water also provides a “High PH” option, which aside from having a different taste (preferred by some), may provide health benefits for some; including enhanced exercise recovery. Brought to you by Santa Barbara Water Company.
<h1>PEARL-SOFT Water</h1>


Introducing an ECO-Safe soft water solution. Unlike other soft water treatments, Pearl Soft water provides the benefits of soft water--including the removal of impurities such as toxic chemicals and organic compounds that can affect the skin and lungs--without the environmental impact. It involves no water, no waste, no chemicals, and no electricity. It also provides protection of plumbing, appliances, and other plumbing fixtures and surfaces. Pearl Soft water is another ECO friendly service provided by Santa Barbara Water Company.

Here are some other things we do

The most basic way to reduce landfill waste and save a few trees. We recycle all that we can from plastic to paper.
Hand Blow Dryer
These blow dryers reduce paper waste and consume less energy than what it takes to make the paper—so a double win!
Made from 100% post recycled plastic. They’re a little pricey, but worth the investment.
Everlast Recycled Rubber and Sport Weave Flooring
Composed of pre-consumer and post-consumer recycled rubber and plastic.
Big Ass Fans (yes, that's what they're called)
This single fan covers more area than 36 small ceiling fans while using 75% less energy.
Everything about us, including the enrollment process, is on our website. No need for paper brochures, schedules, flyers, or membership agreements.
Low Power Consumption Cardio Equipment
We use no or low power cardio equipment. Just start moving and the lights come on, and our treadmills use high efficiency motors.
Green cleaning disinfectants are used whenever possible and paperless “gym towel” stations throughout the club replace paper towels.
This special Treadmill actually produces electricity rather than consuming it. You will also burn 30% more calories while using it.