Simple – Affordable – Comfortable – Convenient
and a Little Green.

Our Story

AC4 Fitness is family owned and managed, the brainchild of father and son. After 25 years in the industry our desire was to provide a unique fitness alternative for our friends and neighbors.

Our Mission

To provide socially responsible, cutting-edge fitness centers through non-intimidating exercise, convenience, a comfortable environment, and at a compelling price.

Our Solution

A 24-hour self-service health club that fits your schedule, budget and fitness needs. A health club that is environmentally responsible. A health club to exercise to live, not live to exercise.

The Father and Sons

AC4 Fitness is named after Anthony Calhoun IV, the middle son, who was lost in a car accident on April 27th, 2009. Anthony was instrumental in the development of this new club concept and it’s vision of a socially responsible, cutting-edge fitness center breaking down the traditional barriers of joining a health club.

That vision was realized in June, 2012 by Tony Calhoun and his younger sons Ian and Connor when AC4 Fitness opened in Goleta. Tony has devoted 30 years of his life to health and fitness by building and managing Gold’s Gyms on the south-central coast. Tony looks forward to carrying on that legacy with his sons through AC4 Fitness.