• Available for the Month-to-Month Membership.
  • Requires 15-Day Written Notice Prior to Your Next Billing Date (on the 1st of the month).

While we hope your commitment to health is for a lifetime, should it become necessary for you to cancel your membership, the Month-to-Month Membership provides some of the greatest flexibility in the industry.

But first, are you sure that canceling is the right thing to do? Many of our members re-enroll shortly after canceling.

Top Reasons Members Cancel:

Not enough time. It takes as little as 30 minutes of weight training two days a week to see great health benefits (check out our 30-Minute Workout).

Unmotivated. You brush your teeth, right? Isn’t maintaining the rest of your body’s health just as important?

I can’t afford it. You’ve already made the bigger investment—your joining fees. If there’s anything in life you should be spending your money on, don’t you think it should be your health?

Got an injury or traveling? It’s easy to place your membership on a Medical Freeze or Travel Freeze instead of canceling. This will preserve your investment and retain your current monthly dues rate.

If you would like to place your membership on FREEZE–CLICK HERE

Still, Need to Cancel? Simply provide written notice of Cancellation by email (below) which provides a fast and convenient record of your Cancellation. In submitting your cancellation, you acknowledge that should you decide to return, it will be necessary to Re-Enroll and your monthly dues rate may not be the same as it is now.

15-Day Notice Requirement: To keep things simple, all Month-to-Month Memberships have the same billing date—the 1st of the month. This means that you need to provide 15-Days Written Notice by the middle of the month in order for the Cancellation to be effective for the next calendar month.

Key Fob Return: Be sure to return your Key Fob by the end of your final month to avoid a replacement fee of $15.


We’re always sorry to see members go, but life happens! We hope we can make the process as painless and convenient as possible.